The True Value of Condo Ownership

Owning a condominium from has the financial and personal benefits of home ownership with a lot fewer hassles. Rather than spending hot afternoons in the yard maintaining your home’s landscape, for example, you can be enjoying the attractions of Scottsdale that surround your condo. Instead of separate homes divided by long stretches of sidewalk on a suburban street, at your condo, your neighbors are nearby and you can get to know them better when you see them at the pool.

The financial strengths of being a property owner are an important part of condo ownership. Interest on your mortgage as well as property taxes may be deductible as tax benefits of condo ownership, for instance. Equity builds up for you as time goes by and the condo appreciates in value. And of course, this all helps to keep a positive in your balance sheet as opposed to renting, which makes your monthly payment just disappear.

With condo ownership, though, you get full possession of some of the advantages of renting, including lower average costs for maintenance and upkeep, extra community amenities for recreation at much lower cost than you would pay for your own pool, for instance, and a generally more tight-knit neighborhood community than you may find in a more spread out suburban residential area. You benefit from more security, with your homeowner fees paying part of the cost of security systems that you wouldn’t usually have in a home neighborhood, and people nearby keeping an eye out for problems.

Owning a condo in the attractive and thriving destination of Scottsdale, Arizona is an investment in yourself and your financial future. With condo ownership in Scottsdale, North Phoenix, or Desert Ridge you get the benefits of living in a city that has been voted among America’s most livable, along with all the pleasures of its diverse history and arts communities, consistent climate, and a full range of entertainment, recreation, shopping, and dining to enjoy. Add to that the financial bonuses of owning rather than renting, the vibrant community amenities like a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and more, and condo ownership is the secret weapon to a lifestyle upgrade that many people are discovering.